While it’s unknown for sure of patient zero of the current strand of coronavirus originated in China, signs and current evidence are certainly pointing to such. However, in an attempt to cut down on accusations as China works their way past the virus, China’s General Secretary Xi Jinping issued a statement to his citizens claiming that the United States was the true root of the problem.

“I’m not saying that it did or didn’t come from China. But if it did, it’s definitely because the U.S. planted it over here,” said China’s leader Xi Jinping in a press conference published on China’s CCTV. “There are some markets here that are in a poor condition, yes, but that’s been no problem for years. Not since SARS, which, as we’ve established, was also planted by the U.S. government,” Jinping said.

“I see no reason for us to accept any responsibility, or to try to make any sort of effort to remedy the sort of situations that could lead to this. What, are we to establish some sort of… Food and Drug Administration? No country has that. What would you even call that, a FDA? Pah!”

Jinping’s message is clearly intended to put his people at ease and turn their ire towards another foreign country rather than their own leaders. Time will tell if it works.