Cricket is a fairly common sport in the former British colonies. Cricket’s history dates back to Foggy Albion, where it was first played. The game now has quite serious volumes in the betting world thanks to India, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. You can bet on cricket through the mimy app.

Cricket betting options

  • Win – whoever wins the match. A draw (by score or time) is possible in the game, but bookmakers do not add this outcome to the roster. If the result is a draw, the deal is settled with a return (at odds of 1.0).
  • Winning a tournament – 12-20 teams take part in the competition, which makes it easier to predict the champion.
  • Total – number of wides, rants and runs scored.
  • Additional odds – best bowler and batsman of the meeting, odds on individual player performances, total runs scored in overs, score after 6 overs and others.

Features of cricket betting

  • Before you bet on cricket, get familiar with the features, rules and terminology of the game. 
  • Play in live, leisurely thinking about your bets, as matches stretch from 3-4 hours to 5 days. 
  • Sensations in cricket happen regularly. Outsiders are undervalued, so use a strategy of betting on equal teams. 
  • The discipline is not popular in the US and Japan, where professional bettors predominate. Typically, betting is done by amateurs who do not see betting as a way to make money, which leads to line draws.

Analysis of Events

With matches lasting up to 5 days, the focus is on stamina, not technique or tactics. The form of the teams and individuals will have the most effect on the result, so make sure you study the stats of the individual performers and the team as a whole. The weather also changes during this time, which alters the outcome. Competitions have different formats, with different rules and durations. Take into account the type of matches the team plays.

National teams play differently at home and away matches. It’s one thing when India travels to neighbouring Pakistan in a similar climate. It’s another thing when they travel to South Africa, the athletes will need time to adapt. Be aware of team fatigue, consider the motivation of the opponents and the weather forecast.

The sport is easy to analyse. Sort out statistics, form, motivation and weather. Keep in mind the tournament formats that have different nuances in the rules and duration of matches. Cricket is bet on by amateurs who skew the line and the odds. If you master the basics of the discipline, you can be on the plus side.