Following his controversial move last month to waive the driving test requirement on receiving a license, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is now also waiving the age barrier on purchasing cigarettes, getting “tatted up”, and even marriage to help young citizens maintain social distancing.

“We’ve found that a lot of Georgia teens are deeply unhappy with the current state of affairs,” said Kemp in a press conference early Thursday morning, “but we want to do our part to help them maintain social distancing guidelines. I think letting them spend a couple hours in a tattoo parlor, using nicotine to smoke away their troubles, and getting married on a lark with help achieve that goal.”

However, he stressed that he was still going to play the part of the stern dad. “Teenage marriage ceremonies must be limited to less than 150 people,” Kemp declared.

Kemp stated that he hopes that teenagers take this opportunity to get some “sick tats” at the very least, because once his state decides they’re done with dealing with coronavirus in general, everything’s going back to the way it was.