Amidst rising concerns about the Chinese coronavirus in multiple states, famous actor and film producer Vin spoke out to deliver a contrarian point of view – “Maybe coronavirus isn’t so bad, guys. Maybe it’s really family.”

Diesel went on to talk about how “the values of the Chinese have long been compared with those of Americans, and many people are aware that China has a slightly stronger emphasis on family than us. It makes sense then, that the coronavirus would first appear in their country. It’s a test, a trial to see who among us can value family most at the end of the day.”

“It’s kind of like my movies, Fast and Furious one through seventeen, when you really think about it. Danger strikes in the first hour and a half, but by the end, even the bad guys who kill members of our family are eventually accepted into our family. And that’s what it means to be truly family.”

Diesel then went on to condemn the reaction Americans and Chinese alike have been having to the coronavirus – taking active steps to avoid it rather than “absolving it of all its sins and welcoming it with open arms”.

“When the virus begins to appear in the States, and believe me, I’ve used many of the millions of dollars at my disposal to ensure that it will, I will meet it with a great big hug, a big kiss on the lips, and a cold glass of corona. For family.”