“Yes, this has been a long time coming,” said Chairman Gunther as the barrel of a glock 19 pressed into the fat of his neck.

The reaction comes after protestors, declaring themselves “bored” with dealing with coronavirus, decided to storm the capitol buildings of several states in protest. “This quarantine is an assault on our liberties,” one masked protestor claimed as he pistol-whipped Secretary Dina and shoved her to the ground, “and we will stand for it no longer!”

Although the armed protestors simply intended to make a statement about the lockdown, the politicians in the building had to admit they were rethinking their stance on gun control.

“You know, you hear about incidents of shootings in places that don’t really matter to you – ghettos, public events, schools. But then someone storms into your office building and it’s like ‘oh my god, this is a real thing. It’s not just happening to the expendables; it can happen to real people too!’”