Attorney General Barr Volunteers as Tribute To Be The Next Person Trump Fires

In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Attorney General Barr took to the stage to announce that he was “volunteering as tribute!” The statement, screeched at the top of his lungs while he stood, was yelled in response to a reporter asking Barr if he thought anything Trump was doing in the oval office was worthy of criticism.

Barr then went on to criticize Trump’s favorite activity, tweeting, which further solidified the idea that he has a death wish. Barr’s statements in general come as a surprise considering how fiercely he’s aligned with the president up until this moment.

ABC News’ Pierre Thomas was baffled.  “I was expecting to have to grill him a little bit and maybe get a few sound bites that could be tweaked to make him look bad. Instead he’s damn near sabotaging his career by speaking out against the glorious leader. It’s unsettling,” Thomas said, “I would not be surprised if he was fired before he makes it out of our building.”

Indeed, Barr’s comments may draw the ire of the president, but they’ve earned him some support as well. An acting Trump Cabinet Member reached out to ABC to comment anonymously. “I applaud Barr. It’s relaxing to know who the monthly fire is going to be. I was holding off on putting a down payment on a new house, but now that I know I’m good for the next 14-30 days, I’m going for it!”

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