Bernie Commits To Schedule Of Doing The Opposite of Everything Trump Did In Presidency, Refuses To Do Anything Original

Senator Bernie Sanders has vowed to reverse everything President Donald Trump has done if his presidential bid is successful. Apparently, he’s so committed to the idea that he’s begun having his team mock up a schedule so that he can do the opposite thing Trump did on a day-to-day basis.

“We’ve got his texts and his tweets, we’ve got his schedule, we know when he passed legislation, and we know when he visited the Trump International Golf Club. And ladies and gentlemen, I’ve already got my membership so I can skip those daus,” Bernie said in a series of frantically worded tweets.

Sanders was also quick to make it clear that he was being “quite literal” and shared an early draft of what his schedule would look like, from appearing on “Face the Nation” on February 3rd, 2023 to un-proclaiming March 21st as National Agriculture Day on March 21, 2021, which lines up with the days and years that Trump did similar things during his presidency.

“I plan on taking the steps to reverse each and everything he did while in office, and I refuse to do anything else – not even in the best interests of the democratic party. You want someone to introduce fresh new ideas, exciting legislature, and general change, you talk to someone else. If you want a petty motherfucker from Brooklyn to come at everything Trump stood for, you come to me. That’s how we roll in my hood.”

Bernie Sanders has been surging in polls, so his approach to doing everything his predecessor did, but opposite, seems to be effective if not original. And truth be told, there’s something nice about knowing exactly what you’re going to get for the next 4 years.

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