Bernie Sanders Clarifies: “I Didn’t Say A Woman Couldn’t Be President, I Said Elizabeth Warren Couldn’t Be A Woman.”

Since early Monday, Bernie Sanders has been under fire due to recently revealed comments. According to rumors, Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren that he did not believe a woman could win the presidency. Sanders held a press conference to clarify and contextualize the comment.

“I never said a woman couldn’t be a president,” said Senator Bernie Sanders, “I said Elizabeth Warren couldn’t be a woman.”

The comment immediately drew shock and disgust from the audience, but Sanders went on to hastily clarify, “This was strictly a compliment, I assure you. Like, I know and you know that she’s a woman. It would be ridiculous to suggest otherwise. But women have certain roles in society and certain things they’re allowed to do, and when you see what Warren’s doing and saying you can’t help but think “man, that chicks really got some balls. Like she is really upsetting the status quo!”

Despite push back from the reporters, Bernie Sanders doubled down on his out-of-touch comments. Megan Williams, popular reporter for The New Sun, asked Sanders if he believed a woman could be president.

“Why yes babe, I absolutely think a woman can be president – when she’s picked by a questionable man as vice president, and then unforeseen circumstances lead her to be promoted. As far as I know, we can’t stop that.”

Bernie Sanders denied all claims that he was fundamentally sexist, stating that his “best friend is a woman.” though he denied to provide her name or any evidence.

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