Greta Thurnberg Ominously Says “Fine, I’ll Do It Myself” Before Putting On Mysterious Gauntlet At World Economic Forum

The 50th World Economic Forum has kicked off in the Swiss city of Davos, and Greta Thurnberg has had it up to here with our “bullshit”.

Thurnberg took the stage to admonish world leaders for doing “basically nothing” to reduce carbon emissions despite evidence that we’re heading towards a climate catastrophe. But when her impassioned speech was just beginning, she cut herself off and sighed.

“Fine,” she said as she donned a suit of armor and a mysterious gauntlet, “I’ll do it myself”. She then turned to the nearest camera and smirked, looking off into the distance, before she took off flying through the ceiling.

In attendance, among the many powerful world leaders, were a few Hollywood elites paying their way into the circles. One of them chimed in – “What we’re looking at here is the beginning of Greta’s villain arc, and from here on out I would expect a slow and steady corruption of her morals as she pursues the right thing the wrong way. I’m talking just tons of murder if the power of flight she just casually exhibited was any indication.”

World leaders recognized the threat that Evil Greta posed, and immediately decided to work together in order to defeat something that would threaten the entire world’s population if left unchecked.

President Trump chimed in, “I’m still iffy on whether or not this whole climate change shebang is a real thing, or even something that we can deal with if it is real, but I’m more than willing to do everything in my power to stop a supervillain. That’s just American.”

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