“It Feels like We’re The Freedom Fighters of Ye Olde” Says Local Citizen Going to Picnic Despite Quarantine

On Sunday, May 10th, it was a decidedly sunny day, with fair weather and clear skies. However, Henry Borgen’s state was still in lockdown. What was a man to do, but listen to government and health official orders?

And then Henry remembered – what about the revolutionaries?

“You know, I like listening to the authorities as much as the next guy, but they don’t always get everything right,” said the 35 year-old college dropout, “And there are times when what they may think is the right thing is actually an assault on our liberties.”

“In those cases, it’s time for the people to remember the old days – of seizing power and bringing about social upheaval. Like for me, that means going out on a picnic with my family. If I was french, maybe it means going out and renting a guillotine.”

Henry commented on how many other people were in the park as well, looking on them proudly. “I’ve never been more proud to be an American I think,” said Borgen, “Seeing that many people out there, seizing control of their lives, fighting for their God-given rights… it was inspiring.”

After a moment of reflection, he then added, “I could have done with less African-Americans around the park though. They always make me a smidge uncomfortable.”





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