Joel Olsteen’s Megachurch: Open for Coronavirus Carriers, Closed To Hurricane Victims

Joel Olsteen, famous American Pastor and televangelist, announced on Wednesday that his megachurch would remain open despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “We do not close our doors to anyone, especially in times of trouble. Except for that one time we turned away Hurricane Harvey victims, but that was simply because God told me to,” Olsteen said.

“If you’ll recall, I did later end up opening my doors for the hurricane victims once the major news outlets caught wind of the story. That was incredibly brave of me, don’t you think? To go against a Holy Decree?”

When reporters pointed out that Joel would likely catch flak once again for refusing to shut down his churches, he waved their concerns away and warned them, “If you continue down this path you shall burn in hell.”

Despite this, Joel begrudgingly admitted that if absolute worst came to worst he would take the profit hit and just stream his sermon.

“I don’t make the rules, I just follow them,” the celebrity pastor said, “He works in mysterious ways.”

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