LEAK: Warren and Sanders Working Together To Give Joe Biden 2020 Election For His 100th Birthday

The reason for the recent fighting between the Warren and Sanders teams has finally been uncovered. A new leak from the Democratic National Committee has revealed that Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are currently in cahoots to destroy each other’s campaign chances in order to surprise their buddy Joe Biden with the 2020 Election.

While it is currently up in the air if this leak came from the Warren camp or the Sanders camp, it has been disparaging for both groups to learn that their hard work and effort is intentionally being sabotaged by the very people they seek to promote. The DNC did not dispute the authenticity of the leak, but did bemoan the idea that, like Trump with Lev Parnas, there was a little snitch among them.

DNC Representative Johnathan Greene had this to say – “I think it’s sickening that people are so up in arms over what, as far as I can tell, is nothing but a true show of friendship. While yes, many people will never be in a position to receive such an insane amount of power and responsibility from their friends, why should we hold a grudge over Warren and Sanders for doing so? Biden is approaching one-hundred, he’s on his last legs, let him play around with the big red buttons and our nation’s future for a little bit for chrissake! No harm, no foul.”

Biden’s team could not be reached for comment, but witnesses say he expressed sadness over “his surprise being ruined.”

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