Local Millionaire Upset That Being a President Is Becoming A Billionaire’s Game

“It used to be the real fucking deal, back in the day. No bullshit, just millionaires throwing about their money and their donator’s money, hurling snappy insults, and digging up dirt,” Millionaire Cash MoneyBags told us in an exclusive interview, “It was rough, but it was fair. No rules and no regulations, just the way I like it.”

Cash MoneyBags, who had a name change shortly after acquiring his first million, reached out to us to let us know his thoughts on the current Michael Bloomberg situation.

“Somehow, somewhere, we lost our way,” he said.

“Trump was an anomaly. Not only did he have the money, but he had the insults. He had absolutely nothing else but it didn’t matter, he was the apex predator – a billionaire with disses. When he was debating Clinton and she took the time to mention facts and logic while he just called her a washed up sow before body slamming her into the arena, I knew he was going to cinch the vote,” Cash recounted.

“But I wouldn’t have voted for him if I had known how it would ruin this country. Now he’s inspired people like Michael Bloomberg – You know he’s paying artists in money? Not even in fucking exposure, like the way you’re supposed to do it, but in actual money? He’s out of control.”

Cash takes particular offense with how Bloomberg is approaching campaigning. “He isn’t even bringing the insults. He’s just chucking money everywhere, and it’s working. This is bullshit. If this is the way it’s going to be, we need to have rules and regulations set in place so the billionaires can’t ice out the millionaires.”

“I want to be president. I have little to no political experience, but I have money, so I deserve a shot. It should be fair one, and I won’t get that if a random billionaire with little to no political experience can outspend me to oblivion.”




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