Marvel Kicks Off Next Cinematic Universe With “Anti-Greta” Villain Naomi Seibt

Marvel’s Kevin Feige recently expressed excitement for the next upcoming movie in the growing MCU – “Greta”, based on the life of popular environmental activist Greta Thunberg. He expects the subject matter will once again get fans riled up to see barely diverse caped crusaders fight against each other, especially with his latest announcement: They’ve settled on the villain.

Naomi Sebt has been cast as the anti-, evil version of Greta Thunberg.

“She’s great. Everywhere that Greta is left, Naomi is right,” Feige told us, “She thinks climate change is a hoax, she disagrees with the very basics of feminism, and in general she dismisses facts as fiction in her bid to destroy the world. And she’s such a peach on set.”

“The best part about it – and this is largely in part to us wanting to be more realistic – She’s not even gonna be aware we’re filming!”

Feige elaborated that they “just sort of found” a girl who genuinely believes that Climate Change is a hoax, so they plan to film her spouting her beliefs for a few months, and then culminate in having Greta Thunberg beat her up while the cameras roll.

“We at Marvel and Disney are very excited, and think it will make for one the most exciting climaxes in one of our movies. Maybe in any movie, ever.”

The release date for “Greta” has yet to be announced, but Feige himself notes it better be soon before the “environment fucking implodes.”

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