Bloomberg’s Defense – “I’m Remarkably Progressive” Despite Coming From “Golden Age of Jim Crow”

A recent recording of Michael Bloomberg, former three-term mayor of New York City, has surfaced. In the tape, he is heard defending controversial and racist policies such as “stop and frisk” during his speech made in 2015. Backlash has been immediate, and seems to be killing his chances at a presidential election. Now, he’s speaking up to make sure his voice is heard.

“Listen people, besides Bernie I’m the oldest one even trying out for this shindig, so you need to understand. For a man who was born and raised in the golden age of Jim Crow, I’m actually remarkably progressive,” The presidential candidate said in a press conference held early Tuesday morning.

“Yeah, some of us had it really good, and yeah, many of us would go back to that time the drop of a hat. Hell, if we could rewind the clock even further, the more atavistic the better – Hindsight is twenty-twenty after all. But after a certain point you have to accept in your heart that these people are changing this country and we can’t stop them. It’s been a hard journey, but I’m learning to accept this more and more everyday.”

Attendees noted that Bloomberg began to tear up as he thought about his own struggles with accepting the fundamental rights of human beings that were different from him.

“I just think it’s hurtful to go back and dig into comments that were made so long ago. Back in 2015, I was just an ignorant, 72-year old boy. I didn’t know I was going to be recorded, or else I wouldn’t have said it.”

Bloomberg concluded his speech by making a promise that no one would be held accountable for footage older than “a few days at max” and that “if your people can’t get ahead of it at that point it’s on you.”

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