Mike Bloomberg: “If I Can’t Buy An Election, Whats The Point of Capitalism?”

Mike Bloomberg has been under fire for his recent attempts to essentially “buy” the 2020 presidential election. Fellow democratic candidate Bernie Sanders recently called him out for spending hundreds of millions of dollars on TV ads, which Sanders said “feels a little bit unfair but whatever”.

Now, Michael Bloomberg has made a heavy accusation – that not allowing him to buy the election would be downright “un-American”.

“We are a mixed-capitalist society, are we not? The same thing that allows our greatest Americans, such as Jeff Bezos, to make billions a year off the sweat and tears of abused workers being paid a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of his paycheck is what makes us great, and he is free to spend that money how he wishes,” the presidential candidate said to his supporters in a press conference held early Monday Morning, “And just like Bezos, I am a billionaire who has made his living by taking advantage of others so you can’t stop me from spending that money how I want – even if that means me buying an election.”

Bloomberg went on to assert that if you were going to try and control how a man spends his billions, you might as well “take away all his assets and fuck him like a pig”. When an attendee brought up the idea of allowing billionaires to spend their wealth how they want, but raising taxes to help compensate, Bloomberg had his security escort the man off the premises.

“If I can’t buy an election, what’s the point of capitalism? We may as well bow down before the communists at that point. In fact, a vote for any candidate except me IS a vote for communism!”





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