Mitt Romney To Receive Senate Approved Silent Treatment From All Republicans

Mitt Romney played his hand and now it’s time to pay the piper.

After yesterday’s Impeachment vote on the trial of Donald Trump, Mitt Romney was the only republican in the Senate to vote against Trump in favor of impeachment on Article 1. While this move may have gotten him “cool points” with the kids on Twitter, his actions will have dire consequences in his workplace. Mike Pence announced on Thursday morning that the junior United States Senator would have to suffer the highest level of punishment available.

“By Vice-Presidential Decree, I hereby sentence Mitt Romney to the Silent Treatment for the rest of his term!” bellowed Mike Pence in the Senate Chamber. “This shall be his punishment for daring to go against the votes of his companions. I hope the street cred was worth it, and may you burn in hell!”

The decree was met with nods from the many robed Republicans in the room, looking down on Mitt Romney as the punishment was delivered.

Mitt Romney himself seemed to be completely blindsided, “Dude I didn’t know this shit wasn’t anonymous. Are you kidding me?” He also commented that he’s been getting mean looks and snubs even in the Senate locker room, which is where they “usually let go of the political bullshit and just pal around.”

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