President Trump Genuinely Surprised Iran “Can’t Take A Joke”

In his press conference on Wednesday, President Donald Trump addressed the recent missile strikes Iran launched late Tuesday against two Iraqi Military bases. In the address, he expressed what appeared to be legitimate surprise that Iran “couldn’t take a joke” and would go as far as to launch missiles.

“I mean, it’s bizarre. I didn’t think I needed to say the whole thing was a prank, but there you go. I thought Iran was cool,” the president said. He then went on to mention that they had “definitely lost points” with him for their overreaction, and that they would likely be pariahs in their social group here on.

“I didn’t expect them to get in such a tizzy. It’s not like American lives were lost. What’s the big deal,” the president asked the crowd, to murmurs of agreement.

Tensions have been high since the start of the New Year, when President Trump decided to take out General Soleimani. When asked if there were any plans to escalate against Iran despite the lack of casualties, the president dismissed the idea outright.

“Dude, I don’t even know. I can’t even look at those guys right now. If they’re going to get all butt-hurt when we roughhouse a little – I mean forget it.”


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