Report: Trump Promises To Cure Coronovirus if Re-Elected in 2020, Will Allow “New Plague” To Devour Us If Not

Early on Monday, President Trump held a press conference to address many of the nations recent concerns including tax brackets, business tariffs, and the deadly spreading coronavirus. Despite the rising death toll to the deadly virus, he had a cheerful disposition which was soon explained as the conference went on.

“I know exactly how to defeat the Coronavirus. I’ve had my best guys on it since we found out about it in China, months before Xi Jinping decided to tell the rest of the world about it. We know exactly how to counteract it, and are prepared to disperse the cure… but only on November 4th, 2020,” the president said.

Attendees were quick to point out how that was conveniently the day after the election would end, which President Trump flippantly dismissed as a “mere coincidence”. However, he then went on to add, “Although, I suppose I won’t have the authority to release the cure if I’m not president at that time, at which point Americans would have to fed for themselves against this new plague. So maybe, for all of our sakes, it would be best if I was still in office on that day. For the good of the American people.”

While some of his more steadfast supporters were quick to defend the statements as “taken out of context”, it seems the president has doubled down on the vague threats with a tweet minutes after the press conference.

“We’re in the midst of a great American comeback. It would be a shame if something… happened to it,” said President Trump on his twitter.

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