REPORT: Vladimir Putin to Help Every Single Candidate In 2020 Election, Playing The Odds

Recently, U.S. Intelligence learned that beyond aiding President Trump in his re-election efforts, Vladimir Putin has set in motion schemes to help the democratic candidates as well. A taped conversation between the president of Russia and the KGB was intercepted and translated.

“We will aide all the candidates in the American election. This is our way to ensure that no matter who wins, we’ve had a hand in them getting elected,” Putin said to his KGB Officers, “We will always be able to take a little credit.”

On the tape, one of the KGB officers was heard asking why this was necessary.

Putin responded, “Well, for one it’s to spread chaos – the Americans will point fingers at each other and cite out meddling, and no one will be able to use it as an upper-hand against the other. Then, we can provide a tiny bit more support to the candidate we truly want to win. But there is also another, more important reason. Some of you may not understand this, but the other parents will get it. It’s just nice to feel appreciated sometimes.”


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