Spotify Under Fire After Allowing Rock Band U2 To Replace Users Real “2019 Year Wrapped”

Early December, several million Spotify users eagerly logged onto the service to visit the spotifywrapped.com service – a round up of your most listened to and liked songs, genres, and artists. However, several of those users noticed that the results of their roundups were suspicious.

“I was expecting a lot of Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift,” said twelve-year old Hailey Johnson, “Since their my favorite artists, and I literally only got Spotify for them. But instead, Spotify told me I had spent the past year listening to U2? Like, what the hell is a U2?”

Sharp-eyed Hailey Johnson wasn’t the only one who noticed her results had been tampered with.Six year old Daenerys Bauchman said her Kids Bops albums didnt appear at all. Despite only having the service since the start of this year, Spotify fabricated her results and said she’s been “bopping to Songs of Innocence since she came out the womb”.

U2 received a lot of negative press attention back in 2014 when they partnered with Apple CEO Tim Cook to release this very same album for “free”, by automatically downloading it to more than 500 iTunes customers without their consent. Now, it appears the malicious band is back at it again with their invasive, free advertising. When contacted for their side of the story, Bono, head-singer of U2, had this to say – “Can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.

Spotify declined to comment but offered us coupons for Spotify premium.

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