Trump: Coronavirus Walks the line Between “Liberal Hoax” and “Orchestrated Foreign Bioweapon” Remarkably Well

Trump took to his Twitter early Friday morning to once again denounce the Coronavirus. Whether his attempts to put down the threat of the virus are out of altruism or ignorance it is unclear, but now he’s starting to compete in the Mental Gymnastic Olympics.

“The coronavirus is nothing to be worried about people! When you think about it, it manages to walk the line between Liberal Hoax and Orchestrated Foreign Bioweapon remarkably well,” the president said on twitter, “But rest assured, it is both. It’s quite ingenuous what they’ve managed to do here, actually.”

“There is no Coronavirus, but we think there’s a Coronavirus. This leads our minds to think what we’re experiencing is the fake disease. Italy, China, they’re all in on it,” the president announced. When someone in the comments pointed out that not only would this be nearly impossible to orchestrate, but that people were being tested positive without knowing what the coronavirus symptoms were, or that some of the people now afflicted initially mocked the idea of the disease as well, Trump simply responded, “BLOCKED.”

At this point it’s clear that Trump is merely trying to downplay the virus to reduce panic, but it seems that most Americans have accepted that it is indeed a very real, and natural, threat.



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