Trump Messages to Putin Leaked “Please Don’t Help Me Win The 2020 Election *Wink*”

Twitter Direct Messages from President Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin have leaked – and it’s not pretty. When news of Russian planning to help Trump in his re-election efforts for 2020 broke yesterday, Trump was reportedly upset that democrats would be able to use it against him. Now, it seems that he should be more upset by the content of the messages themselves.

Despite Vladimir Putin’s apparent hesitance and annoyance at his assistance being requested again, the DM’s show him eventually giving in to Trump’s requests after a few more desperate texts were sent.

It is unknown what methods will be employed to help secure Trump’s win in the re-election, seeing as the American public is now more than aware of Russia’s ability to significantly impact the proceedings. One has to wonder if the democrats will stoop to a similar level and outsource election efforts to Canada or India, or perhaps find common ground with Mexico. Either way, it will be interesting to see which foreign country helps pick America’s leader for us.

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